Ottostumm B40 - Architectural Bronze door and window frames

b40 Architectural Bronze door and window

A timeless metal of undisputed prestige, for a profile system that embraces the same classic lines of the FerroFinestra W40 design.

Architectural bronze is a copper alloy consisting of about 58% copper and 40% zinc. Like cor-ten steel, architectural bronze is a living material, subject to natural oxidation and therefore to acquire unique and original shades over time.

BronzoFinestra B40 is ideal for restoration works on heritage and fascinating for new buildings; it combines charm with longevity and achieves remarkable thermo-acoustic insulation in combination with low emissivity glazing.



  1. Solid architectural bronze extrusions
  2. Classic “stepped leg” design
  3. Natural resistance to corrosion
  4. Mechanically fixed rebate gaskets
  5. Accommodates low emissivity glazing up to 30 mm
  6. Choice of different glazing beads
  7. Very compact profiles with minimal depth and sightlines
  8. Material thickness up to 4 mm
  9. Fixed glazing, tilt and turn, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung and bottom-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, top-hung, vertical and horizontal pivoting windows, window and doors opening inwards and outwards

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