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Pivot Doors let maximum light in, giving any space an extraordinary and unique feel.

EcoSteel offers a wide selection of beautiful pivot doors that can be modified to meet your needs. All of our products are made with the highest quality components, which improves their reliability and durability while also making them simple and easy to use.
With smooth 180° opening movement, they give you convenience and elegance in equal measure. Pivot doors add a modern, stylish talking point to any property.

What is a Pivot door?

In contrast to conventional doors, which hang on hinges at the edge of the jamb and the wall, a pivot door rotates on its axis over the threshold and upper jamb.

pivot Ecosteel doors


All of our frames are crafted from steel, which is up to three times stronger than aluminium alternatives. This strength means that we  can offer slimmer frames and improved sightlines, maximising light and space without compromising security.

A steel-framed glass pivot door can be designed in a variety of ways, such as by using several metal types and metals of various shapes and sizes.

A steel pivot doors are ideal for creating a subtle division between spaces.


types of glass:

Float (transparent) glass

Frosted (matte) glass

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