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CPX TB interior steel doors windows | Stainless Steel

The code CPX stands for the possibility to design your own custom interior steel doors windows profiles with or without thermal barrier in steel and stainless steel. Such tailor made profiles give architects and specialized window fabricators the possibility to stand out of the crowd and to follow their own ideas on window design.

Thickness, width as well as the contour of the outer flanges can be defined freely. The web consists of highly insulating fiberglass-reinforced polyamide combined with a mechanically fixed steel adapter (CPX TB).

If there is no requirement for a thermal barrier, steel can be used instead of polyamide (CPX). Sophisticated laser lines connect the outer flanges to the web.

Customized CPX and CPX TB profiles open up an infinite number of solutions.
Customized profiles are not default certified like our standard profile systems and require a country or project specific certification. Please contact us for testing and certification support.

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  1. Steel or stainless steel flanges with sharp corners
  2. Customized design
  3. Self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets
  4. Accommodates double and triple glazing
  5. Thermal barrier in fiberglass-reinforced polyamide or solid steel
  6. Compatible with different glazing beads
  7. Compatibility with existing fittings
  8. Fixed glazing, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung and bottom-hung windows opening inwards and outwards, top-hung, vertical and horizontal pivoting windows, window and doors opening inwards and outwards

Example of applications:

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